• Welcome to iGolden Solutions
    "Our customer's succes, Our priority"
  • Welcome to iGolden Solutions
    "Our customer's success, Our priority"
  • Welcome
    to iGolden Solutions
    "Our customer's success, Our priority"

About Us | iGolden Solutions

We are a multidisciplinary consulting firm, specialized in the development of tech computer solutions, formed by a team of professionals of the highest quality with skills and knowledge in developing of solutions for corporate and integrated business, for medium and large companies in sectors as educational, industrial or government.


Offer adaptable technology solutions to the needs of our customers, promoting their development and business growth through a team of professionals highly competitive on information technology.


Continue building the future as a competitive and benchmark company in Latin America through total quality and continuous improvement of our products and services, thereby generating lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and our people.

Philosophy | iGolden Solutions

We are a company of consulting and services in Information Technology.

Our goal is to provide to each client the appropriate computer and management solutions using advanced technologies and methodologies, systems and software developed by highly qualified personnel that meet the customer's needs, fulfilling criteria of efficiency, quality, competitiveness and profitability.


Consulting firm specialized in the development of tech enterprise solutions. smart. creative. for business.

Computer consulting

We provide our high customer service experience to assist you with the best options to implement first level support and consulting quality; we have a wide range of contracts and forms: bag hours, flat fee, support high availability (24x7), maintenance contract as ... we just adapt to your business and needs.

Software development

We work in the development of applications customized to the needs of our customers. In all cases we follow a development methodology, opting for Metric 3 or SCRUM depending on the type of project, and implement procedures and controls of our quality management system

Mobile Application Development

Take the opportunity to reach millions of people today using mobile devices worldwide, we have already developed mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android and Windows Phone, you can even integrate with enterprise management systems organizations.

Business Management Software

We have created tools for business management recognized in the market, we have developed applications that work for your needs in cases where they are not covered by standard software or are not an eficiente as ERP.
We seek utility and effectiveness guaranteeing perfect results

Management & Maintenance of
Computer Systems

From the study of your needs, including the design of its technology infrastructure, implementation and subsequent support and maintenance of computer network, our company provides all the possible solutions for your business model.
The goal is to achieve perfect alignment between the objectives of the organization and capabilities of their computer systems.

Community Manager & Digital Marketing & Positioning & Cloud Services

We provide specific tools such as content management, database servers, hosting, domains and SEO & SEM positioning tools, we manage to increase the productivity of your company and positioning it in the top 10 on the market.

Value added | iGolden Solutions

Tech Solutions for enterprises.

iGolden Solutions work, goes beyond the simple presentation of a solutions, our professional guide throughout the process Customer, proposing solutions tailored to your business and possibilities, we provide scalable systems easily adaptable to changes in their business or technology , which has allowed us to work with medium and large enterprises in the government educational, industrial, and service companies.


The high degree of identification and involvement with the customer and their business make those who place their trust in iGolden Solutions do not feel defrauded.

We pride ourselves in this sense, have highly loyal customers.

We invite you knowing more about iGolden Solutions, now can view and download our free computer graphics.

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